When You Do What You Love

“I believe everyone should love where they live.” If you’ve viewed my previous videos, you may have noticed that I say this tagline at the end of all my videos.

That message is more than just a tagline. It is very personal and intentional. Prior to entering real estate, I was an educator for 14 years. I served as a teacher, high school principal, and assistant superintendent. So as an educator, I saw the difference a good home can make in the life of kids and families firsthand.

When I talk about a “good home”, that can be a small starter home or a dream home a family has moved up to. That pride of ownership is a feeling that shows and resonates. There’s a saying that goes, “There’s no place like home” and it is a true statement. It’s an amazing feeling to walk through your door at home and leave behind the stresses from the day.

I really do love helping people find their dream homes, but if I had to choose, my favorite clients to work with are families that have outgrown their starter home and are ready to move up to a home with features that are needed for their growing family. The new features that they look for in their next home are luxurious and exciting. It’s great to be a part of this exciting moment for the family wanting to sell their starter home and their home is often exactly what first-time homebuyers are looking for. This also allows me to work with first-time homebuyers and it’s exciting to see them purchase their first home. Meaning that I get the best of both worlds and I am helping transform their lives through homeownership.

I, myself, grew up in a home with a single mom, so as a child and a teenager, we never owned our own home. Owning a home was something that I knew I always wanted, and even now when I pull into my driveway every day, I feel this huge sense of calmness, happiness, and pride of ownership about my home. I see this same excitement when I’m working with $140,000 clients or million-dollar clients. The feeling of finding “the one” is an amazing experience and it is evident that my clients love this as well. I am truly blessed I have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Purchasing a home is one of life’s major events that sticks with you and it’s my job to make sure that buying your home purchasing or selling is as seamless and enjoyable. And when I say transforming lives one home at a time, I mean that. I’ve been able to accomplish this in multiple ways. Getting into your new home is a transformation but through that, I’ve also donated a portion of the money from each sale to a scholarship, honoring my firstborn son, David Gabriel Charles Claybrook. I’m also currently formulating a nonprofit that feeds positivity into teenagers. The nonprofit will focus on helping teens use education, ambition, and positivity to give them the tools that will help them be happy, fulfilled, and become productive members of society.

Another passion of mine is to support local small business. I use my knowledge, training, and marketing to promote our local restaurants and small businesses. So truly, when I say I’m transforming lives one home at a time, I really aim to do that even if it’s in a small way. My profession allows me to get to know my clients and I have made some great friendships along the way too. I’ve seen the transformation first-hand in their lives when they’re able to move into their dream home. I hope to be able to affect the lives of teenagers now and in the future as well.

I am living the dream. If you’ve heard the saying, “when you do what you love, people love what you do” I believe it resonates strongly with me. I love doing what I love and I hope to positively impact everyone that I come in contact with me. So remember, when you hear my tagline, there is a deep meaning behind it. And as always, if you’re thinking of selling in Bixby, 74008Kiefer, 74041Jenks, 74037, and Mounds, 74047, or purchasing a home, feel free to send me a message. Because I believe that everyone should love where they live and I hope to transform lives one home at a time.

When You Do What You Love
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