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The Tulsa County and Creek County real estate market is as strong as ever. And over the last several months, we’ve all experienced the same shock and here’s what’s important. We’ve all spent more time at home these past months than any time in our lives. Many have found or are finding that their current home is no longer working for them. Many families who currently own a home are realizing that they need far more space to move, a home office, a place to have the kids learning, and a great outdoor space or neighborhood that provides lots of outdoor amenities.

We’ve all had to readjust our lifestyles in some way and for many it has meant, selling their home for a house that better fits their needs. The housing industry is driven by the needs and behaviors of the people in each marketplace and all real estate is local. Regardless of the chaos going on all over the word, it’s basic supply and demand. Many renters and current homeowners are looking for something different and are looking to make a move.

If you’re in Bixby 74008, Jenks 74137, Kiefer 74041, Mounds, 7407, or Glenpool 74033 it could be a great idea to sell your home. We entered this pandemic with low inventory and are coming out of it with low inventory as well this makes appreciation rates as strong as ever which is great for purchasing and selling your home.

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