Oklahomans, It’s all about Supply and Demand

What’s happening in our local neighborhoods here in Creek County? Is now a good time to buy or sell your home in the Tulsa Metro area?

This blog post along with my recent YouTube video will talk about your local market update and answer questions you may have about whether it’s a good time to buy or sell your home in the Tulsa Metro area.

With all the uncertainty going on, I feel that it’s always best to base our decisions on research and facts. In the Tulsa Metro area, we will be focusing on the Creek County Market. In Creek County, as of this time in June, there are currently 111 active homes on the market and 132 homes under contract which are referred to as pending. We’ve had 65 homes sell in Creek County in the past 30 days with an average price point of $184,000 and the median days on the market are 22.

Now let’s break that down by towns so we can get deeper into the numbers. In the Kiefer School District, 74001, and some, 74006, we have two homes on the market and eight homes that are under contract, and four homes that have closed in the past 30 days. The average home price is $193,000 and the median days on the market are six with the average being 25.

In Mounds we have 17 active homes on the market and 19 are under contract. In the past 30 days, five homes have closed. The average price is $146,000 with median days at market at 22 and an average of 38. In Sapulpa, 74066, there’s 53 homes on the market and 56 homes under contract. 29 homes have closed in the past 30 days. And the median days on market is 20 with an average of 40. So in Creek County for three and four-bedroom homes between $90,000 and $450,000 we have less than a two month’s supply of inventory on the market.

This means we’re in a strong seller’s market. Experts believe that anything less than six months of an inventory level would be considered a seller’s market and anything over would be considered a buyer’s market.

So my friends, don’t believe what I think but look at the facts and the statistics. And the facts show that here locally in Kiefer, Oklahoma 74041, Mounds, Oklahoma 74047, and Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066, we’re in a very strong seller’s market.

If your home isn’t selling, there could be several reasons why. Price, condition, location, and of course marketing. Now more than ever proper exposure and properly using online digital marketing is essential to selling your home for the highest amount of money in the shortest amount of your time.

So if you’ve been considering selling your home to move into your dream home, the stars might just be aligned in your favor. Interest rates are near historic lows to buy your new home and with an under supply of inventory, selling your home now could be a great choice to use your equity towards the purchase of your new home.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime here at Homes by Sabrina, your local digital community market leader to ask questions or if you just need some advice about what to do in regards to buying or selling your Kiefer, Mounds, or Sapulpa home. And remember, everyone should love where they live.

Oklahomans, It's all about Supply and Demand
Oklahomans It’s All About Supply & Demand-Homes By Sabrina Shaw
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