House in 11805 S Vine Pl Jenks OK 74037

11805 S Vine Pl Jenks OK 74037 1
Hey, friends, we are at this new listing coming up in Eddington Place. Now, not only are there amazing houses here but this neighborhood and community is so amazing. They've got a pond, pool, walking trail, the roads are so wide, which is something that I really love. People are always walking around, kids are playing. It's a great place. Now, this house was built in 2006 but the roof and the AC are only three years old. And then we've got new paint and carpet throughout the entire house. You are going to want to check this out. Okay, so I include semi-staging with all the listings and what we wanted to do where was when people entered, they would see a fully staged entryway to envision what this house would look like with the grand entrance, with the paint, with modern interior just to give it a good feel and see okay, this is what it could be like because the rest of the house is, it's a vacant house, so it's not fully staged. So this house is just a little shy of 3,000 square feet and the owners had the means to update the paint and the flooring. And so we decided, since this was a 2006 home, we really wanted to update the look more like what we're seeing in new construction. So we changed out the flooring and the carpet. It looks probably gray in this shot but it does have flecks of tan that really just makes it very updated and warm. And then when we were picking the paint, now, funny story, we actually picked a different color and we repainted it because it just didn't go with the carpet. And the point was really to make it feel updated and light and bright. So we went with pale oak, which is a McGee Studios color that McGee Studios usually uses and it is fantastic. So when you're around gray, it kind of pulls a tad of gray to white but if you look, this kitchen has a little brown. So we wanted to complement the kitchen. And so when you're in the kitchen, it can feel a tiny bit tan but very bright and white and updated. So we love this color. I cannot believe I forgot the bottle of wine. You know we have to have our obligatory wine shot.

Ask and you shall receive.

Yes!!! Right here?


This is a great house and I would love to show it to you in person. Reach out to me, Sabrina Shaw here at Homes By Sabrina and I'll get you set up for a personal tour.

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