Claiming Your Tulsa County or Creek County Home on Zillow

What does it mean to claim your home on Zillow? It means finding your house on Zillow, proving that you own the house, and claiming it as yours. Why do you want to claim your home on Zillow? Well, YOU own it! It’s YOUR stake to claim.  Plus it can help your Zestimate be more accurate and … Continued

Selling Your Home Above Listing Price

What? You sold your home for 10,000 above list price? How can that even be possible? Well right now, believe it or not, it’s happening. Just recently, we had a home in Tulsa on Hudson go above list price, an Owasso home go above list price and a home in Kiefer go above list price. … Continued

Savvy Seller

It’s an insanely hot super savvy seller’s market in Creek County and Tulsa County. Many of you know and many people actually don’t know that the market is super competitive right now if you’re selling your house. We’re seeing sellers getting multiple offers on their homes. It can be super confusing and exciting all at … Continued

Sept-Oct Market Update

What are the projections for housing prices according to the experts? What’s going to happen? This seems to be the question of the hour, and we get that constantly. And truly I don’t think there’s ever been a time of so much uncertainty, so I can see how it can be scary. So, what’s going … Continued

Sept-Oct Market Update

What’s happening in our real estate market globally? That’s the question of the hour. Well, first of all, let me just start off by saying that I am just reporting what analysts and real estate experts across the nation are predicting. I personally, nor anyone else, can control or predict what will actually happen. But … Continued

Oklahomans, Have You Ever Seen a Housing Market Like This?

The year 2020 in the Tulsa Metro and across the nation will certainly be one to remember, with new realities and norms that changed the way we live. This year’s real estate market is certainly no exception to that shift, with historic highlights continuing to break records and challenge what many thought possible in the … Continued

Using Zillow

Using Zillow to find out the value of your home is just okay. Let’s put it into perspective. Just relying on Zillow is kind of like going on a dating app. People always put their best pictures up or a picture from 15 years ago. Sometimes they may even use pictures of someone else. My … Continued

Want to move?

The Tulsa County and Creek County real estate market is as strong as ever. And over the last several months, we’ve all experienced the same shock and here’s what’s important. We’ve all spent more time at home these past months than any time in our lives. Many have found or are finding that their current … Continued